Speaking Engagements

I have been invited to speak at various events related to the Nigerian research. Some are described below. I am always happy to consider invitations; please contact me at ebird@usf.edu.

National Theatre, London

In January 2020, Rosina Umelo and I were invited to the National Theatre, London, to talk about our book, Surviving Biafra. The event was organized alongside the National's new adaptation of Chekhov's Three Sisters, written by Inua Ellams, and set in the Biafra war.  Link to the event: https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/surviving-biafra-nigerwifes-story

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

In December, 2019, I was invited to Winnipeg, Canada, as the Keynote Speaker for International Human Rights Day, organized by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The theme for the event was “The Forgotten Stories: Nigeria-Biafra war and its Genocide." CMHR had been working with the Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba, which aims to have the story of the war included in the Museum's permanent collection. After a keynote talk on the war, I was joined by a distinguished panel, who discussed the history and importance of the war with a large and engaged crowd. Thanks to Clint Curle of the CMHR, and my fellow-panelists, Obo Ebubechukwu, Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba, and Reg Ejeckam of Umunna. I was thrilled to be the guest of the Umunna Association at a reception afterwards. During the visit, I was interviewed about the war on Canadian public radio: https://app.criticalmention.com/app/… 

Ake Festival in Lagos

In October, 2018, I was invited to participate at the Ake Festival, an international literary event in Lagos, Nigeria. At the festival, I participated in a panel on Civil War writing, and was able to launch Surviving BIafra: A Nigerwife's Story, as well as discuss The Asaba Massacre.  It was a pleasure to see my friends Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo  and Louisa Egbunike, as well as connect with some Asaba friends. 

With volunteers at Ake Festival (L); with Asaba friends Chuck Nduka Eze and Richie Omo

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